Lesson Overview

The Lesson Overview is basically an outline . . . Think of it as the "nuts and bolts" of each lesson.

Biblical Passage While other passages often find their way into a lesson, the biblical passage is the main focus.

Supporting Passage The supporting scripture often provides context to, gives additional insight to, or reiterates the message of the biblical passage in additional places of Scripture.

Biblical Truth The biblical truth is the central foundation of the lesson. It comes directly from the biblical passage and drives the formation of learning goals.

Context The context section gives the context of the current lesson in regards to its surrounding lessons. It may also provide a glimpse of the historical or literary context of the biblical passage.

Learning Goals The learning goals help teachers understand what the lesson seeks to accomplish. The first learning goal is the driving purpose of the Explore section of the teaching plan and is concerned with biblical knowledge. The second learning goal pertains is the Transform section and is concerned with life application.

Biblical Passage

Philippians 2:6-11
Read the passage in a different translation and watch for new thoughts or insights.

Supporting Passages

John 1:1–5; 14; Matthew 1:22-23

Biblical Truth

Jesus so valued each of us that He left His throne from which He heard the continual cry of “Holy, holy, holy” to take on a man’s frame and hear instead, “Crucify Him!” (Revelation 4:8; Matthew 27:22-23).


Jesus was willing to humble Himself and leave heaven’s highest position to assume earth’s lowliest position for no reason other than our salvation. Because of His unfathomable love for us, the King became a Servant.

Learning Goals
  • Students will examine the great condescending love of Jesus. The word condescending, while sometimes used as a negative, means “come down to be with.”
  • Students will identify how to have the mind of Christ toward those around them.